Bellacanzone consiglia: playlist del weekend 10 e 11 dicembre

Bellacanzone consiglia: playlist speciale del 10 e 11 dicembre con tutti i brani dal mondo da ascoltare in questo weekend e non solo.

Appuntamento speciale con la rubrica Bellacanzone consiglia con tanta nuova musica da scoprire insieme. Ecco i brani che vi segnaliamo da mettere in playlist per il fine settimana del 10 e 11 dicembre:

  1. New Driver New God
  2. Qwiet Type Too Good To End
  3. Irish Basement Sticky Rice
  4. birdhole Hits Harder
  5. Hot Mustard Mustard Green
  6. Overlap Flight 608
  7. Mike Legere Memory Forming Clouds
  8. Rocky Michaels Better Man
  9. Stevie Howie regrets
  10. Honey Tree Beats Everybody Needs Help
  11. XL Syndicate Long Way
  12. NADA5150 City Phonk
  13. No Dream Blacked Out
  14. Daniel Jimenez Afanador x Andre Lovett x Cynthia Montaño Keep It Fair (Sound of Us)
  15. LOVETA All We Got
  16. Eneli Gemini
  17. Alex Sandra Christmas In The City
  18. Ryan Langdon Friends Don’t Let Friends
  19. GLOSSER The Artist
  20. Matthew And The Arrogant Sea Santa Isn’t Happy, Baby
  21. Unwed Sailor Mais Oui
  22. Mary Middlefield Two Thousand One
  23. ANNA VEE Feeling This Way – (From “A Miracle Before Christmas” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  24. Elvis Drew Ignore My Face
  25. Arc of Sun Inquisition
  26. Waves_On_Waves x Ciley Myrus Dead Or Alive
  27. Tacchi Discman
  28. Stefanie Joosten No Backseats
  29. Travis Jon Evans Carry On (2022)
  30. TwoMinutesHatefu Xmas
  31. Fireage No Eres Tú, Soy Yo.
  32. Antediluvians Pecan Pie
  33. Man vs Monkey x Monique Mathis x Flo Fin Alright
  34. Clé Où ?
  35. Akon TT Freak
  36. Parisi & La Mantia x Sam Louis Shadow
  37. Infraction, Emerel Gray, Mokka So Lost
  38. Joy Oladokun Power
  39. Worlds Apart The One
  40. Maybemahri 2am Train
  41. Syster Lycklig Berget
  42. Tina Rix I’m Winning
  43. Awakened Depression Avalanche
  44. The Sweet Kill Cold
  45. Alchimista Saudade
  46. Maya Stewart Pathak Que Ça
  47. Justine Sletten Dandelion
  48. The Tribe Band This Christmas (Donny Hathaway Cover)
  49. Pedrito Martinez Avenida Malecón
  50. Borgeous Ruin LA